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The Alcohol Free Drinks Company is your Perfect Partner if you want to stock a great range of tasty and profitable Alcohol Free Drinks.

To help you take advantage of the growing trend of UK drinkers who are either abstaining from drinking alcohol altogether or just looking to cut down and adopt a more “flexi Drinking” approach to alcohol consumption, we are here to help. Also now that Drivers are tending to abstain from any drink at all which is a good thing! providing them the option of a good selection of Alcohol Free drinks will make them feel they are still part of the party and encourage them to return to your venue. Another large market for you with a good range of Alcohol Free Drinks is expectant mums, who often end up having to drive and sit there with an orange juice, when they could enjoy a glass or two of sparkling Rose’ and not feel they are missing out.

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We are proud to be the exclusive partners for the great Canadian brand Teetotaler Wines in the UK so please get in touch if you want to stock this fabulous range of tasty Alcohol Free Wines from Spain.






A  few facts and figures as well on the market:

The Low/No category is experiencing a 51% growth year on year with a 14% increase in the frequency of purchase.

Despite this growth 22% of those who choose No/Low drinks from a menu state that lack of availability is a blocker to choosing a venue to eat in.

A recent Mintel report on Drinking Habits Among 18-24-year-olds found the majority of 18-24-year-olds drank on only one or two nights a week. Those aged 18-34 are more likely to have consumed a NoLo drink, than those aged 35-54 and 55 and above.

A recent study by the Portman Group found that 24% of British drinkers are keen to cut back on booze, rising to nearly a third (31%) for the 18-24 age bracket, dubbed ‘Generation Sensible’. With 24% of that age group never having drunk alcohol.

34% of people say that the Covid crisis has prompted them to actively reduce their alcohol consumption, in 2021/2022 19M consumers will be planning to reduce their alcohol intake by ‘flexi-drinking’.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is from Drew at one of our best customers, The Fox & Goose in Hebden Bridge:

The Fox and Goose and Alcohol Free drinks

As a community pub we try and be inclusive. Our aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to all our customers.

For whatever reason not everyone wants to drink alcoholic drinks, the only options are rarely that exciting, sweet pop, fruit juice, tea and coffee, and water, little else. We can do better. By embracing choice we have hopefully given customers a better experience.

The Alcohol Free sector has moved on from the days of odd tasting lager style beers and sweet wines. There are now new producers creating quality craft beers, wines and “spirits” that really do taste amazing.

So, if you want to go to the pub to enjoy time with your mates watching a match or playing darts or just chewing the fat and putting the world to rights but not have to drink pop you can. If you have to drive to get to you favourite watering hole, no problem, we’ve got you covered.

The Fox and Goose have really embraced Alcohol Free Drinks, with point of sale around the place and including having a draught AF beer on at all times.