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Bax Sea Buckthorn makes “a perfect alcohol-free G&T” so says BBC Good Food. Serve with tonic, ice and a twist of orange. Distilled from Sea Buckthorn, bitter orange, rosemary and aromatic herbs this delightful AF spirit makes a relaxing tipple.

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An Alcohol Free Spirit distilled with natural ingredients and sacks of integrity…….

Bax Botanics Alcohol Free and Calorie Free spirits are traditionally distilled in beaten copper alembics for the purest flavour. Their award-winning Sea Buckthorn and Verbena offer vibrant, bold, botanical flavours. This is a great alcohol free gin substitute.

Chris and Rose Bax the founders have spent decades learning about and experimenting with botanical flavours. Between them they have over 30 years experience of teaching and consulting to the food industry, focussing on delicious and exciting ways to use wild ingredients and culinary herbs. They are now using all their skills and experience to distil a secret recipe of herbs, roots, berries and flowers to create alcohol-free spirits with layers of beautifully complex flavours.

Inspired by wild herbs and botanicals Rose & Chris combined flavours to create complex alcohol-free spirits. They distil in beaten copper stills in a time-honoured way making their drinks pure, honest and beautifully natural.

Bax only uses organic and ethically sourced herbs and botanicals: wherever possible using recycled and recyclable packaging – even the bottle labels are printed on material from a natural fibre based pulp that’s a waste by-product of the sugar cane plant. ⁠

Rich, decadent, and bold botanical flavours beautifully balanced, to offer a relaxing evening sipper. Our award-winning Sea Buckthorn non-alcoholic spirit is delicious paired with tonic and an orange twist creating a drink that will appeal to even the most loyal gin fan.


Enjoy this fantastic Alcohol Free Spirit over Ice with a Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water & a slice of Orange Zest for a great healthy Alcohol Free alternative to a Gin & Tonic. Alternatively, service with a Fever Tree Ginger Ale and the Sea Buckthorn takes on a whole new personality as a winter warmer.

Or use Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn as a base for a more exciting non alcoholic cocktail.

A Non Alcoholic Cosmo Sin with Sea Buckthorn

A zingy alcohol-free version of this superb classic, here celebrating the luxurious flavours of Bax Sea Buckthorn.


• 50ml Bax Sea Buckthorn
• 50ml cranberry juice
• A squeeze of orange juice
• A squeeze of lime juice
• Crushed ice
• Garnish with lime

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker give it a good shake and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with fresh lime

Tasting notes:

  • Warming & pungent botanicals
  • Gin with bittersweet orange
  • Subtle spicy finish & acidic bite

Distilled with passion and integrity in Wetherby Yorkshire.

Information Per 100ML:

Alcohol: 0.0%

Energy – 5kj/1kcal

Fat – 0g of which saturates – 0g

Carbohydrates – 0g of which sugars – 0g

Protein – 0g

Salt – 0g

Suitable for Vegans and is Gluten Free.

What people are saying about Bax Botanics:

“The sea buckthorn is genuinely the nicest non alcoholic or otherwise drink I’ve had in ages. It’s got such a sophisticated taste and REALLY tastes like a spirit. It’s not a compromise, it’s a choice..” – Michelle

“The most delicious alcohol free spirit I’ve tried – it really packs a punch and is so versatile!” – Greg P Google Review.

“A refreshing adult tasting drink and I highly recommend.” – Wendy

A word about the founders:
Rose and Chris Bax, founders of Bax Botanics

Chris and Rose Bax, founders of Bax Botanics distil their amazing Alcohol Free Spirits in Wetherby which is where we are based and I’ve had the privilege of visiting them a few times and see their amazing operation. They are self-confessed “Tree Huggers” but I can assure you they deliver on what they promise and are very nice people to boot!

In their quest for sustainability they have tracked down organic, fair traded, fair wild herbs and it is with these that they created the drinks they produce today. Carefully balanced, using the knowledge and experience gained from years spent experimenting with exciting ingredients.

We are two people working on a thing we love, creating a drink we believe in, using real ethically sourced ingredients. No unnecessary additives here, authenticity is what we do!⁠ We have a passion for sustainability, from the bottles to the recycled packaging. We include sustainability at every step we can. We want to tread as lightly as we can on the planet.⁠

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