Cloudwater x Love From – Boring AF – Cherry & Hibiscus Sour


Bold sour beer inspired by Love From bar in Manchester, blending chuckleberry sour beer with cherry, hibiscus, redcurrant, vanilla & fresh ginger juice.

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Category: Alcohol Free Beer, Alcohol Free Beers
Tags: boringaf, cherry sour, cloudwater, love from, sour beer
Cloudwater x Love From – Boring AF – Cherry & Hibiscus Sour

This new beer Boring AF is EVERYTHING but boring.

This bold 0.5% sour beer pays tribute to the best-selling AF cocktail, the “Manchester Tart,” from the renowned Manchester-based bar, Love From.

This is a collaborative masterpiece, blending the essence of a beloved cocktail with the artistry of our barrel-aged beers.

At its core, Boring AF features our foudre-aged chuckleberry sour beer, providing a rich and complex foundation. To this, we’ve added a medley of flavours inspired by the original cocktail: vibrant cherry, fragrant hibiscus, tangy redcurrant, and creamy vanilla. Each sip reveals layers of taste, from the zesty lemon and aromatic pepper to the invigorating ginger.

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients, including the fresh, cold-pressed ginger juice from Deanne at Root2Ginger. Her exceptional juice adds a unique, spicy kick that perfectly complements the beer’s tartness and depth.
This beer is a testament to our dedication to creativity and quality, blending the world of cocktails and sour beers into one extraordinary experience.

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