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gluten free

The Gunner Saint is the original classic. Ginger, Natural Bitters and Lime, best served over ice. A long, non-alcoholic drink with a grown-up kick. Very British refreshing sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail of Ginger, Bitters and Lime, all natural ingredients.

330ml, 0.0% ABV


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Tags: Alcohol Free Spirit, Gluten Free, RTD, Vegan, Vegetarian

A Gunner….

…is not just any refreshing and restorative drink, it’s one with bags of heritage and a story to tell. Discovered in 1842 to quench the thirst of British colonials in the Far East, it was then introduced to the home nation and has gone on to be enjoyed in sports clubhouses, pubs, bars and restaurants ever since. Today it’s being rediscovered by many who simply want a long refreshing grown up non-alcoholic drink!

In the mid 1800s, in the heat and humidity of the Sub-Continent and South East Asia, the young men of Britain created the Gunner.

This cocktail of ginger beer, ginger ale, Bitters and a twist of lime, best served chilled, proved so refreshing and restorative that those intrepid young explorers judged it to be “just the ticket”.

Almost two hundred years later, our aspirational adventurous nation needs exactly that same restorative, non-alcoholic refreshment, made by us to the original recipe with all-natural ingredients, as we all continue to navigate this fast-changing world.

So, we have made the Gunner Cocktail available instantly in a 330ml sleek can as well as on draught.

Proud to be made here in the UK, yet still drunk all around the world!

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