Karmi Classic 0,0%


Dark, alcohol-free, pasteurized beer, alcohol up to 0.5% vol. INGREDIENTS: water, barley malt, glucose-fructose syrup, hops

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Karmi Classic 0,0%

Non-Alcoholic Beer, 400Ml bottle

The Karmi classic 0% beers are all brewed in the Okocim brewery with classic beer ingredients. Since 1993, Karmi beer has kept its unique recipe unchanged for many years.

It owes its perfectly balanced flavour to the recipe based on hops and numerous types of malt: Pilsner, Munich, caramel and roasted. It is a combination of subtle bitterness with a slight hint of sweetness, creating a pleasant non-alcoholic beer.

Roasted malts and a sugary sweetness make up most of the aroma on this one. There is some caramel and more burnt sugar to round this off.

Serve really cold.

A Note from Andy founder of The Alcohol Free Drinks Company “I like to try a few beers from around the world and this is a classic from Poland, it is an odd sweet beer different to our normal beers in the UK”

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