Kirin Perfect Free


This non-alcohol beer from revolutionary brewers Kirin delivers a classic must try in the AF world…….

It’s Alcohol Free and Calorie free and tastes like beer….

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Kirin Perfect Free Sugar Free Calorie Free Non-Alcoholic Beer, 350Ml can

Quell your thirst with this quenching alcohol-free beer.

This non-alcohol beer from revolutionary brewers Kirin delivers a classic, sweet taste packed with ingredients to satisfy a healthy modern life. Expertly brewed into a fuller tasting lager with the addition of dextrin, this zero calorie beer is rich in fibre and soy protein that help you enjoy each sip guilt-free, reducing the absorption of fats and sugars so you can treat yourself to a feast of an evening. Flavoured with Kirin’s refreshingly crisp hops and a delicately sweetened malt extract, this sugar-free beer is the perfect beverage to excellently wind down with.

Let’s explain a bit about what Dextrin does! – beverage manufacturer Kirin’s alcohol-free beer contains an indigestible form of the carbohydrate dextrin, which slows the body’s absorption of sugar and fat.

New Perfect Free contains zero sugar and is calorie-free. Its introduction was supported by point-of-sale materials carrying the tagline “it has a big impact on your throat, it’ll have a big impact on your fat levels”. The company has been able to make some of the health claims relating to the new drink after laws in Japan governing the requirement for extensive and costly regulatory approval on health claims were relaxed.

Serve really cold.

A Note from Andy founder of The Alcohol Free Drinks Company “When I first saw this I just had to have a can….. so I bought a case! only the Japanese could produce a can of beer that has no Alcohol and no calories that actually tastes like a beer albeit a bit weak!”

Please note due to the huge cost of importing this drink, once these have gone that will be it

A word about the founders:

The Japan Brewery first began marketing Kirin Beer in 1888. The Kirin Brewery Company was established as a separate legal entity in February 1907, purchasing the assets of the Japan Brewery and expanding the business in an era of growing consumer demand. Kirin Brewery built on the traditions of the Japan Brewery retaining the use of malted grains and hops imported from Germany and employing German brewers to oversee production. Kirin Brewery sells two of the most popular beers in Japan: Kirin Lager, one of the country’s oldest beer brands, brewed since 1888; and Ichiban Shibori.


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