Krombacher Weizen – German import


Hazy glowing orange with a tall khaki head that retains as a thick blanket throughout, leaving some spots of lace on the glass. This is a totally delicious German-style wheat beer with mild phenols and esters!

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...Founded in 1803 in the small town of Krombach, the brewery nestles in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany. It was sited to take advantage of the local pure Felsquellwasser® (spring water) still used by the brewery today.

Being under family control Krombacher is the largest privately owned brewery in Germany and remains the best selling brand in the competitive Pilsener sector of Germany’s domestic market. It is also exported to thirty countries worldwide and is a prominent brand throughout Europe where beers of superior taste, quality and character are readily appreciated.

Krombacher Weizen – Naturally Refreshing & Isotonic.

Non-alcoholic wheat beer is often drunk by marathon runners and triathletes in Germany for its recovery properties. Research from the Department of Preventative and Rehabilitative Sports Medicine of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen highlighted that the consumption of non-alcoholic wheat beer has a positive effect on athletes’ health.

Thanks to an elaborate and unique process, Krombacher Weizen Non-Alcoholic retains the character loved by connoisseurs of wheat beer. With its creamy head and naturally cloudy amber colour, it is brewed with specially selected wheat malt, fresh top-fermenting yeast, Siegel hops and our famous Felsquellwasser®. Removing the alcohol in no way detracts from the full-bodied, lightly bitter and fruity flavour of a true Weizen.

It has quickly become a favourite, especially among runners and cyclists gearing up for an active summer.

Tasting Notes:

Fruity, fresh banana, light honey notes, fine yeast notes. Its full-bodiedness carries appreciably across the palate with fine aromas typical of a wheat beer. Removing the alcohol in no way detracts from the product, the beer is beautifully balanced with a finish to savour.

The best accompaniment for light dishes such as fish, poultry, or seafood is a Krombacher Wheat Beer. It is also good with zesty salads because it doesn’t over power the salad’s light taste.

A Note from Andy: I was not a big fan of German wheat beer when I travelled to Germany on business so expected this to be “OK” I have to say this has become one of my “Go To” beers with one always in the fridge. It is great, really refreshing and packed full of flavour.


A Bit More About This Iconic German producer.

Adhering to the strict German beer purity laws, Krombacher is made using traditional brewing methods and the finest natural ingredients: Hallertau hops, malt from summer barley and their own age-old yeast strains. But the renowned factor in Krombacher’s brewing is its use of crystal clear spring water – soft and low in minerals and ideal for producing the Pilsener style of beer that arrived from Bohemia in the late 19th century.

On the Krombacher emblem, the tower is surrounded by green forest, representing Krombacher beer’s singular connection with the countryside – the brewery is situated in its natural surroundings. The source in the lower part of the emblem is a symbol for the unique Felsquellwasser®, from which all Krombacher beers are produced. It is outlined in red, a reference to the iron-rich rocky soil of the Siegerland. The Krombacher emblem is framed by two ears of summer barley, left and right, and by hop cones, above and below.

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