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gluten free

Lion’s Mane mushroom peach and stone fruit. Gluten free & Vegan <0.5% ABV, 63 Calories per 330 ml Can.

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Fungtn is the first adaptogenic alcohol free beer range. Premium, alcohol free craft beer traditionally brewed with adaptogenic, functional mushrooms. No, they are not magic and no, your beer won’t taste like mushroom, but they can help keep your mind and body on good form!

Myco adaptogens are a unique class of functional mushrooms. They give us safe and natural additions to our diets to keep us functioning at our best. A natural solution to the daily stresses of modern life. We wanted to go past just removing the alcohol for a more mindful beer and create positive wellness to try and help support natural balance in our hectic, modern world.


Brewed to 0.5% with a functional finish of organic Lion’s Mane.

Notes // Deep, earthy IPA with high notes of peach and stone fruit.

Hops// Cascade, Challenger

Notes: Deep, earthy IPA with high notes of peach and stone fruit. Enhanced with organic Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is a natural nootropic, rich in Beta-glucans. (These guys are high in all the adaptogenic mushrooms). They have been shown in studies to potentially help protect against oxidative stress which helps support neurons against free radical damage and contribute to overall cognitive health

This full flavoured IPA is a cloudy dark amber liquid, with grapefruit citrus along with floral and green tea notes, but also a more earthy aroma, from the Lion’s Mane extract. It has nutty background aromas, with hoppy citrus and floral notes with a crisp dry finish.

Serve Cold and enjoy wellness alongside bold flavours.

Fungtn is a premium craft beer, with a functional finish of Adaptogenic Mushrooms that saves you from hangover hell and contributes positively to your everyday well being.

Serve really cold

A word about the founder:

Founder Zoey Henderson is dedicated to the cause of creating a healthy alcohol-free beer with added health benefits.

“Hi! I set up The Fungtional Brew Company and our brand Fungtn with a desire to live #hangoverfree and get more adaptogens & fungi into our diets. Let’s take our health back into our own hands!”

“Back in the day we were told to smoke to be healthy. Today, we’re told we need to eat meat, we need to drink alcohol.  We’re going to be the generation that reframes these social myths.”

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