MARIE LAVEAU Non-Alcoholic Rum Alternative

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gluten free

Marie Laveau is a distilled, non-alcoholic small batch spiced spirit. Classic spices and natural botanicals usually associated with rum are distilled to create ‘an intriguing mouth feel and warm tingling taste but without any alcohol’.

500ml bottle



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MARIE LAVEAU is a distilled, non-alcoholic spiced spirit inspired by the legend of the New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen.

A White Rum style perfect for a Cuba Libra which is 100% natural with no sugar & no fat. NATURAL ALTERNATIVE – Vegan, Gluten Free and Calorie free.

With a smooth blend of sweet vanilla and a warm spicy finish, MARIE LAVEAU is the perfect alternative to a classic spiced rum spirit.

Best enjoyed in a Mojito or Cuba Libre amongst friends.

The brand is inspired and named after Marie Laveau (New Orleans 1801 -1881). “Known as the Voodoo Queen; spiritual healer, mystic and adviser that crossed the social & economic divide, her legacy is still celebrated and admired by those who visit the vibrant city of New Orleans and is expressed in this smooth blend of sweet vanilla with a warm, spicy finish.”​ Marie Laveau has a smooth blend of sweet vanilla with a warm spicy finish.


150ml Premium Cola
Ice cubes
A wedge of lime
Fill a highball glass with ice cubes
Top up with 150ml Premium Cola
Garnish with a wedge of organic lime



50ml MARIE LAVEAU Soda water Fresh mint 1 lime cut into wedges

Method: Add fresh mint and squeeze lime into a highball glass. Muddle enough to release mint essence without pulverising the leaves. Add MARIE LAVEAU and crushed ice. Stir with a bar spoon to incorporate. Top with soda and a sprig of mint.


A word about the founders..

Maria and Craig the founders of Mindful Drinks


Mindful Brands was founded in 2020 to create a home for all our beautiful non-alcoholic drinks brands.

We innovate, produce and distribute premium non-alcoholic drinks in the UK, US and around the world.

With a wide portfolio of unique and delicious non-alcoholic drinks we want to provide the perfect alternatives for those moments when you want a sophisticated adult drink but without alcohol.

It all started with CEDER’S distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin in 2017 and shortly after that CELTIC SOUL, Maria & Craig’s and MARIE LAVUEAU was born.

Our growing team are all experts within their fields, united by a passionate pursuit of excellence, a bias to challenge the status quo and drive to make ‘stuff’ happen.

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