Mash Gang National Anthem – Cherry Cola Stout


Mash Gang National Anthem – Cherry Cola Stout is a Mash Gang Special Drop, once it’s gone it’s gone! With Mash Gang National Anthem – Cherry Cola Stout, they wanted to bring everything they loved about high-gravity pastry stouts into the NA world.

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Category: Alcohol Free Beers, Alcohol Free Stout & Porter
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Mash Gang National Anthem – Cherry Cola Stout ~ 440ml Can

Mash Gang National Anthem – Cherry Cola Stout is a Mash Gang Special Drop, once its gone it’s gone……
Cherry Cola is pretty complex; it’s sweet but also sour when you start to take it apart, there is not only the cherry aspect, well… duh… but there is also a number of spices in there, of course, vanilla, but also, sweet almond, kola nut, cinnamon and neroli, the magic doesn’t seem to happen until you get some citrus in there, so there is lime, orange and lemon. Suddenly it reminds me of those corner shop sweets. In a very good way.

Mash Gang changing stuff.….

….From a start-up in lockdown to becoming one of the most important brands in the AF beer market, they make an amazing core range then comes the drop(s)…..

Mash Gang has brewed beers from lagers and pales to sours & stouts they just push flavours and mouth feel to a whole new level. When the drops have dropped and they go out of stock that’s it! so buy them when they are in stock. No amount of begging will get Reign in Blood back in stock so get used to it and try what is out there before that is gone and you’re moaning about not having had time to try it!

Surprisingly they run their business through the Japanese model of Kaizen, which translates as change for the better and continuous improvement. They are focused on slow, sustained growth. This is why they wanted to spend the early years of this business working on a solid foundation where you build up trust with consumers that they always deliver a high-quality product, and that they are always relentlessly innovating.

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They say they are never satisfied with what we do!

Furthermore, no single recipe stays the same, and just because they contract brew, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an eye on quality. Everything they do is around the quality of the beer…. enough said, the only way to really appreciate these guys is to taste their beers…..

Mash Gang Founders.

All the Mash Gang beers are Non-Alcoholic & never above 0.5% ABV, thus I stock them as Alcohol Free.
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