Teetotal G’n’T


gluten free

This sophisticated Gin and Tonic alternative was created after months of painstaking botanical mixing and deconstruction of the flavour profile of an alcoholic Gin & Tonic. You will not need any other drink in your fridge when an occasional GnT takes your fancy.




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About the Company who made it:

The Temperance Spirit Company was formed in 2015, dedicated to giving drinkers better choices without alcohol. We’re not anti-booze, we just wanted to think about non-drinkers too.

We called on the spirit of Carrie Nation to watch over us, a terrifyingly 6’4” tall leading light of the American temperance movement, known for smashing up taverns with a hatchet. What would Carrie think, we wondered. While we admired her tenacity, it wasn’t quite the way we wanted to do things – we had something a bit less violent in mind. And besides, we like taverns.

Despite the temperance in our name, we’re not anti-alcohol. We’re not about prohibition, or morals, or outrage. We believe in giving the drinker a choice. The choice to have a great time with their favourite people, without a hangover the next day. The choice to have a drink without having to drink. The choice of delicious taste, natural ingredients and a refreshing fizz – without loads of sugar.

Inspired by classic cocktails of the Jazz Age, our aim was to make something undoubtedly authentic. Something that looked like the real thing. Fizzed like the real thing. Tasted like the real thing.

After countless months in the lab, painstakingly tweaking flavour combinations and experimenting with different botanicals, flavours and spices, we hit gold.

As this sophisticated drink is created in the perfect measure Teetotal Drinks G ‘n’ T’s perfect serve involves lots of ice along with your favourite fruit, berries or herbs. We’ve put some of your favourite ideas on this page. Some are simple and effective – others require a little more effort.

Classic Cucumber: Simply add cucumber and lime wheels.

Blood Orange: Squeeze blood orange juice, add a bottle of Teetotal G ‘n’ T and add a slice of blood orange.

Ripe Melon: Add melon pulp to a glass, pour over Teetotal G ‘n’ T and garnish with melon balls and ground ginger.

Sour Rhubarb: Add rhubarb cordial to Teetotal G ‘n’ T.

Sophisticated Strawberry & Black Pepper: Add sliced fresh strawberries and cracked black peppercorns to Teetotal G ‘n’ T over ice.

Grapefruit & Tarragon: Squeeze or add fresh grapefruit juice to Teetotal G ‘n’ T and add a sprig of fresh tarragon.

  • Bottle Size: 200ml
  • Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Natural Quinine
  • Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly
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