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Drop Bear’s amazing Tropical IPA is a Hoppy, Tropical and Tropical IPA that really appeals to a traditional beer drinker looking for an Alcohol Free alternative. 0.5% ABV 21.5 Calories per 330 ml.

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Drop Bear Beer Co have a simple philosophy “great tasting beer doesn’t need alcohol to have fun, we’re living proof of that
Joelle & Sarah as founders of Drop Bear are always striving to improve their carbon footprint and so now offer their great beers in Cans, click on the link below and the team explain why.

Water, malts, hops, yeast…no funny business! Brewed with the same four simple ingredients that have been used for centuries, our non alcoholic beers wanna taste great AND make ya’ feel great.

Sure each beer in their range is vegan friendly and gluten free, but did you know that they’re also naturally super low calorie AND low in sugar?

Their award winning beers contain 80% fewer calories and 1733% less sugar than other alcohol free beers…crazy right?

It gets crazier…their beers contain 305% less calories  and 3700% less sugar than alcoholic beers.

An abundance of tropical hops from the USA burst through the malt base of this alcohol free beer with blasts of passion fruit, stone fruit, and citrus.

Perfect for the traditional bitter drinker, this alcohol free beer certainly packs the punch of a full strength IPA.

Goes great with curry and anything with spice.

Serve really cold and let it rest for a few moments in the glass.

Sarah McNena one of the fabulous founders of Drop Bear Beer Co tells you all about their Tropical IPA
What the People Say about Drop Bear brews:

“Can’t get over just how nice these alcohol free craft beers are!” WYNT Google Review

“The best low alcohol beers by a country mile” Tim C Google Review

Just had my first Yuzu Pale Ale-absolutely blown away!” Jamie R Facebook review

“Probably the best alcohol free beer in the world’ + even better than that it is Welsh” Euan H Google Review

“The BEST non alcoholic beer I’ve ever tasted. The bonfire stout is incredible.” Abigale B Google Review

A word about the founders:
Drop Bear Beers Founders.
Co-Founders of the only Alcohol Free Brewery founded and run by women Drop Bear Beers, Sarah McNena, and Joelle Drummond

Sarah explains where the Name of this great brewery comes from “The Drop Bear is essentially a bit of fun Australians have with visitors, tourists are told to look out for this mythical koala bear dropping on them from the trees – and Joelle fell for the joke too!”

Upon co-founding the company, Joelle says ” We want to prove that real beer doesn’t need alcohol to be fun and we aren’t scared to push boundaries. We are millennials, and they are the fastest-growing demographic. They and we want something with more kick and excitement, and a brand they can relate to.”

The pair set up the company with the aim to “disrupt” the traditional view of the non-alcoholic beer market and have produced 100% natural beverages that are below 0.5% ABV, vegan-friendly, low calorie, low sugar and additive-free.

European Champions of alcohol free brewing, Drop Bear brews the best non alcoholic beers.

The multi award winning brewer, Drop Bear Beer Co. exploded onto the UK beer scene in 2019 with the mission of bringing true craft to the alcohol free beer market.

Seven awards, four craft beers, and quadruple percentage growth later Drop Bear is the UK’s top rated alcohol free brewer and has expanded into Canada, Spain, and Germany.

Traditionally brewed with only the highest quality ingredients, Drop Bear believes in great AF beer for all. That’s why the entire range is Gluten Free, Vegan, and Low Calorie.

With a loyal and ever increasing fan base, Drop Bear is the craft beer that the alcohol free market long desired.

Drop Bear Sizzle Video

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