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Full Flavour with a very low-calorie count, a hint of honey and caramel, rounded off with a subtly bitter finish <0.5% ABV, 23 Calories per 330 ml bottle.


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Tags: Alcohol Free Lager, Gluten Free, UNLTD, Vegan
This is UNLTD. A lager created for beer aficionados that love a beer or three but have gone off the bad bits that alcohol can sometimes bring.

This Thirst-Quenching Alcohol Free Lager has Light Citrus Aromas, a hint of Honey & Caramel, rounded off with a subtly bitter finish. This Award Winning Alcohol Free Lager is only 23 calories, it is Vegan and Gluten Free.

Meet the Founder:

Johnny Johnson Founder

“After not drinking anything alcoholic, that I realised I felt great. I was sleeping better, I was more productive at work, and I got up on Sundays! I saw that I was losing weight too. I was feeling fitter and found that I had more bags of energy than bags under the eyes.

One thing I did miss though, was the taste of beer. I’d been looking for an alcohol-free beer that didn’t actually taste like an alcohol-free beer. And I tried a lot, but none quite hit the nail on the head. And, as a direct result of that fruitless quest, UNTLD. was born.

I wanted a beer that could be tasty and healthy and look good too, not be covered in big 0%’s and I wanted to prove it could be done.  

So here’s UNLTD. A great-tasting, alcohol-free beer that is low in calories, low in carbs, high in vitamins and vegan friendly – it’s won a few awards too.”

Serve really cold

UNLTD. Lager just blew Judges away at Europe’s most important Beer competition.

“The European Beer Challenge is the pinnacle of the industry,” reported Johnny – Founder of UNLTD. “The Judges really know what they are talking about – and we are honoured to win a Gold European Beer Challenge 2021 Medal!”

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