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Going Places International Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of three West Coast hops. It has a refreshingly crisp, effervescent bitterness balanced by aromatic notes of citrus, mango and pineapple. This crisp citrus wheat NA beer is only 90 calories, offered in 16oz/ 473ml cans.

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WellBeing Brewing Company….

..is the first non-alcoholic craft brewery in the United States solely designated to producing great tasting craft beers in a variety of tastes and styles with no alcohol. Our focus on health is highlighted by fully brewing beers that are naturally low in calories, contain zero sugar, high in polyphenols (antioxidants/anti-inflammatories), hydrate vs. dehydrate, vegan, non-GMO…and delicious!

We live by the mantra of Body, Mind and Spirit – align those principles and you have an experience that promotes balance. WellBeing beers are great for your Body, don’t affect your Mind, and are brewed in the Spirit of adding wellness to people’s lifestyles.

Our mission includes educating people that NA beers are amazing sports recovery drinks (just ask the German Olympic teams), a beverage to enjoy any day / anytime, and to reduce the social stigma that comes with not drinking alcohol for whatever reasons, so people can feel included in those social situations where alcohol is present. We want to reframe how people view non-alcoholic beer – it tastes exactly like craft beer (since it is fully-brewed craft beer) without the effects, and piles on a long list of health benefits. We strive to cultivate a community of mindful, educated drinkers everywhere and start the non-alcoholic craft beer revolution!

How Do they Make WellBeing…..

Historically, NA beers are made in one of two ways: stop fermentation or boiling the alcohol off. Each has real adverse effects on the beer, including being too sweet, too watery, or the tell-tale ‘B note’ aftertaste.

WellBeing Brewery use very high-end technology, imported from Germany, that funnels fully-brewed craft beer through a vacuum and lowers the temperature to gently remove the alcohol. The finished product is a craft non-alcoholic beer that has all the body, aroma, mouthfeel, and flavour of fully-brewed craft beer, without the alcohol.

Going Places International Pale Ale:

WellBeing This International Pale Ale – if you are going places in life, this is your brew. An easy drinking, refreshing ale with distinctive floral, fruity and pine notes. Drink it anywhere your wandering heart desires.

Going Places International Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of three West Coast hops. It has a refreshingly crisp, effervescent bitterness balanced by aromatic notes of citrus, mango and pineapple. This IPA is a homage to travellers who delight in discovering new places, exploring wide open spaces, and carry a curiosity for new experiences. It’s the perfect travel partner for any adventure.

A Word About the Founder and CEO Jeff Stevens

Jeff Stevens is the founder and owner of WellBeing Brewing Co., founded in 2017

I quit drinking alcohol years ago. It was pretty obvious at that moment of clarity that booze and I were never going to have a successful, harmonious relationship. And yet, almost from the beginning, I still went out to bars. I loved listening to live music, hanging with friends, and being social. I drank NA beer. In many ways, it saved me and allowed me to participate fully in the fun and still stay sober.

Then craft beer came along – with so many styles and new flavours – and NA beer stayed the same. Why?

In 2017, my wife and business partner, Genevieve and I founded WellBeing Brewing. From the beginning, we wanted to create a range of high-quality, craft non-alcoholic beers for all to enjoy in any social occasion. Our small team set out to reframe the stigma associated with ‘not drinking.’ Since then, we’ve managed to become one of the leaders in creating an entirely new beverage category that centres around purpose-brewed, better-for-you craft beer.

While brewing is our purpose, our mission is to Raise WellBeing. Not only are people discovering the upside of drinking less or not at all, but they are joining us in creating a brand new mindful style of living that combines all the social fun of enjoying a traditional beer, with the intentionality of WellBeing. We’re grateful to have you here.

Our Mantras

Raise WellBeing – Mind, Body, Spirit, and ultimately our Planet. You are healthier and much more present being proudly non-alcoholic – which raises the WellBeing for you and everyone around you.

Bring Social to Sobriety – Let’s shatter that old-age story that you must drink alcohol to have fun. We all know that’s some old BS.

Mindful of Our Mental Health – Alcohol can be a mask, a crutch, and at its worst, a depressant. Let’s embrace bringing the things we may want to bury into the light and find freedom in being human.

Connect through Inclusivity – We want to show all people who don’t drink alcohol or are simply taking the night off, the same love in every social situation they encounter.

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