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It is not our intention to lecture anyone about the effects of Alcohol on you or anyone close to you, but for anyone who wants a bit of help to cut down their alcohol consumption even a little bit, that will help your overall physical and mental wellbeing there is a great place to find help.

Alcohol Change UK is a British charity and campaign group founded in 1984 whose aim is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

Every day, 20 people die as a result of their drinking. But alcohol harm is not inevitable.

It is estimated that over 200,000 children in England live with an alcohol dependent parent. I know I was an Alcohol Dependent Parent and I never saw the impact I was having on my children. If your children or someone you know has children who need help, please reach out to NACOA here, they provide information, advice and support for everyone affected by a parent’s drinking. Children often become very scared by a parent’s addiction to alcohol, so please help them and reach out to NACOA, they are there to help.

Alcohol Change UK is best known for its flagship awareness programs Alcohol Awareness Week and Dry January

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more. This year’s Alcohol Awareness Week takes place in July 2023, but the site has loads of free resources to help anyone who needs help.

Alcohol and relationships are closely linked. Many of us associate alcohol and socialising, and alcohol can become a big part of our connections and interactions with those around us. But when our own or a loved one’s drinking starts to negatively affect our relationships or stands in the way of us taking action on our own drinking, it can have a huge impact on our lives.

On top of this, research shows that many of us have found ourselves drinking more to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation during the pandemic. As we leave lockdown and return to normal life there will be new pressures too – pressures to drink, ‘sober shaming’, and pressures we put on ourselves to get back to ‘normal’ socialising.

So this Alcohol Awareness Week, we’ll be looking at the ways in which alcohol can affect our relationships and sharing stories, factsheets, tips and more.

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