Ilkley Brewery Nowt Mary ~ 330ml Bottle


Full-bodied Alcohol-Free Milk Stout. A full-bodied Yorkshire stout with nowt but flavour. Low carb, low calorie and with a great Coffee aroma. Brewed with deep bitterness from the coffee, and a rich thick mouthfeel from the milk.

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Ilkley Brewery ….

…. is an independent brewery proudly based in Ilkley Yorkshire, with its original roots founded in 1873 focused on delivering on its mission statement to be Powered by Beer, and this core value runs through every decision they make and makes them who they are:

Powered by History: The original brewery in Ilkley was founded in 1873 but was swallowed by Bass in the 1920s. We draw inspiration from our roots but maintain a focus on the future; our unique interpretation of what beer should, and can be.

Powered by Hops: Constant innovation and development. We brew beers to suit every palate, enlivening the beer choice and pushing boundaries.

Powered by Passion: The Brewer’s Eye for detail ensures quality and consistency. Only the finest ingredients are sourced for the drinker’s pleasure. It provides the all-important balance and drinkability that we’re proud of and the essential DNA for every pint.

Ilkley Brewery on Ilkley Moor

Ilkley Brewery Nowt Mary ~ 330ml Bottle

Deliciously clean, full-bodied alcohol-free Milk Stout.

A welcome second addition to our Alcohol-free range. With nowt but flavour, you wouldn’t believe this wasn’t a full-bodied alcoholic stout if you had your eyes closed.

Deep bitterness from the coffee, and a rich thick mouthfeel from the milk.

Maximum flavour, minimum guilt. Low carb, low calorie and alcohol free. Even a ripe banana can have 0.5% alcohol in it!

0.5% ABV // 330ML


Yorkshire Water,
MALTS: Golden Promise, Chocolate Malt, Golden Naked Oats & Crystal (All UK)
HOPS: Fuggle & Crystal
AROMA: Coffee
TASTE: Full-bodied

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