Nirvana Traditional Pale Ale


A timeless classic, reinvented for the mindful beer drinker. think cask ale for the modern era.


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Nirvana has to be one of the most interesting breweries to emerge onto the scene recently. Based in east London, they boast of being Britain’s only brewery dedicated to producing only alcohol-free craft ales and nothing else. That certainly sets them apart from the big brewers who make alcohol-free beers alongside their usual fare; it also places them in a slightly different category to the host of 0.5% beers available in the supermarkets.

Nirvana’s award-winning 0.0% ABV Traditional Pale Ale is a go-to beer for everyday drinking, a timeless classic, reinvented for the mindful beer drinker. think cask ale for the modern era. Pours perfectly clear, pale gold with a fluffy, white head. The nose has a lot of malted barley, light to medium sweet flavour with malted barley, almost no bitterness. Light bodied.

Taste Notes: Smooth caramel malt body, balanced & crisp hoppy flavour, lightly roasted barley.

Serve really cold pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes.

What the People Say about Nirvana brews:

“Nirvana Brewery’s deep and rich stout could be your perfect tipple” Daily Mail

“These babies are the real deal.” Metro

“Best low/no alcohol beer I’ve tried Highly recommended” Andy S Google Review

“A great range of alcohol free beers to suit the taste of all my family and friends that I have not been able to find elsewhere” Niall C Google Review

A word about the founders:
Becky & Drew Founders of Nirvana Brewery


The brewery was launched in 2017 by a family of beer enthusiasts with a simple mission; to dedicate itself entirely to the creation of quality alcohol-free craft beers. Coming from a family of beer lovers, when founder Becky’s dad Jim went teetotal, she wanted to ensure that he would carry on feeling included socially and see his face light up again when handed a bottle. Since then Nirvana has opened up a whole new world of great tasting alcohol free beer for a growing movement of folks that like to have a good time but keep their senses intact.

Becky Co Founder of Nirvana with Brother-in-Law Drew says

“Loads of little things have happened along our journey and I feel quite proud to say that we contributed to igniting the alcohol-free movement. The fact that Nirvana was the first female owned alcohol-free beer brand, and is still the only dedicated alcohol-free brand with its own brewery are two things that I’m hugely proud of.”

Nestled in the bustling heart of East London, Nirvana Brewery is on a mission to bring great alcohol-free options to true beer lovers, made the proper way, just like any other craft beer, and with 100% natural ingredients, their fantastic full-flavoured beers come with their own distinctive personalities and benefits.

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