Pentire Seaward


gluten free

Pentire’s Seaward is a distilled botanical infusion of Pink Grapefruit, Sea Rosemary, Woodruff, Sea Buckthorn and Wild Seaweed.

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Pentire makes botanical, non-alcoholic spirits that make a perfect Alcohol Free Gin and tonic by distilling unique plants native to the local headlands in North Cornwall, they are founded on a love of active outdoor and healthy living, created by collaborating with local botanists and distillers to make delicious coastal, herbaceous and fresh flavour profiles.

Pentire uses sustainably sourced ingredients, Organically Certified and accredited by the Soil Association. All of their packaging is plastic-free and 100% recyclable. Pentire a B Corp company also support sea conservation charities that protect and rewild our oceans such as Blue Marine Foundation.

Seaward: Crisp, zesty and vibrant top notes from Pink Grapefruit

Invigorating and replenishing. Seawards bright and zesty grapefruit citrus top notes blended with refreshing green natural tones from the Pentire Plant Blend layered with natural berry from harvested sea buckthorn and wild seaweed. Pink grapefruit, Sea Rosemary, Woodruff, Sea Buckthorn, Pentire Plant Blend, Wild Seaweed


Bright, zesty, verdant.

Key Botanicals

Sea Rosemary
Sea Buckthorn
Pink Grapefruit
Wild Seaweed

Non-alcoholic. Vegan. Gluten Free. Allergen Free. Distilled with passion in Cornwall.

100% Plant-based, supported by nature. Once opened use within 12 weeks.

Crafted from unique plants native to the North Cornwall coastline.

Grapefruit is infamously rich in Vitamin C, used by sailors for generations to strengthen the immune system. Our Pentire plant blend along with wild seaweed contain properties and minerals to aid health, sleep, circulation and recovery.

Ingredients: Water, Pink grapefruit, Sea Rosemary, Woodruff, Sea Buckthorn, Pentire Plant Blend, Wild Seaweed


Pentire seaward pairs perfectly with a light tonic or soda. Serve in a glass full of ice, garnish with a grapefruit wedge and enjoy.


A word about the founder:
Alistair Frost, founder of Pentire.

Alistair says:

“This last year or so has been a wild ride for all of us. We are feeling grateful and lucky to have been in a sector that’s been given such a great tailwind, allowing us to reach more people and tell the Pentire story of plant-based, healthy active living.”

Catching waves until dusk. Camping on cliff tops and foraging hedgerows for unexpected bounty. Sharing and experimenting with the flavours we found on the coast. We wanted to bottle that experience. And create a drink that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavours of plants

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