Queer Brewing – BOLD Pale Ale


Queer Brewing – BOLD Pale Ale ~ 440ml Can

Queer Brewing – BOLD Pale Ale – is a deliciously hoppy, juicy pale ale with the profits that go to support some great LGBTQ+ charities.

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Queer Brewing – BOLD Pale Ale ~ 440ml Can

BOLD is a deliciously hoppy, juicy pale ale

Would you believe it, they’ve done it again. And by “they” we mean us, and by “it” we mean that we’ve brewed our second alcohol-free pale ale, named in the mostly-extinct queer language of Polari. Bold translates to homosexual (as do Queer Brewery) but also refers to the nerve, the cheek, a good lippy, or the joy of being a flaming queer.

BOLD is a deliciously hoppy, juicy pale ale—one that builds on everything we loved about Become Your Own God, our first AF pale, but is even better. We’ve used the same malt bill but two of our favourite hops: Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret. All the flavour, endless refreshment, none (ish) of the booze.



All about Queer Brewing and the great work they do…..

The Queer Brewing Project was founded in early 2019 to provide visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around beer, and to build community, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and raise money for vital LGBTQ+ charities. After recognising a significant lack of LGBTQ+ community in the beer world, founder Lily Waite set out to change that, by working with first UK-based, and then international breweries to take up space in an industry dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, male voices.
Read the full story about Lily and the team at The Queer Brewing Project Here:

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Queer BrewingLily Waite
Lily Waite The Founder of The Queer Brewing Project.


BOLD is 0.5% ABV and thus classified as Non-Alcoholic, thus I stock them as Alcohol Free.
If you would like a full explanation click here:



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