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Two Roots Enough Said Helles Lager – US import


Two Roots Helles American-Style Lager pours a dark orange coloured liquid which is densely cloudy and murky – nothing like a typical pale Helles Lager we are used to in the UK.  On the nose, we get light pilsner malt sweetness and some fresh Hallertau hop spiciness, with maybe a hint of lemon citrus. Tasting the beer you get the pilsner malts up front, along with some herbal and spicy hoppy notes.

As reviewed by the excellent Lotte Peplow in the CAMRA World’s Greatest Beers 250 ales and lagers from Pilsen to portland – start your journey!

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Two Roots Brewing Company….

... is on a mission to change the non-alc beer conversation. Our unique brewing process, and dealcoholization technology, results in award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer that tastes like real beer because it is real beer!

Two Roots, based in San Diego, initially got its start in the THC space, brewing cannabis-infused beers. They are a pioneer in the artisan fusion of cannabis and beer. At Two Roots Brewing they’ve combined a passion for all things craft with science, innovation, and social responsibility to create a new class of adult beverages poised to change the beer and cannabis markets. However, the brand often sampled its non-infused beers, and customers remarked how much they loved them, so Two Roots decided to roll out a line that doesn’t contain THC or alcohol……..

Enough Said – Non-Alcoholic Helles:

Two Roots Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Craft Lager, “GOLD” medal winner at the 2019 and 2021 Great American Beer Festival, is firmly rooted in its German tradition, our golden non-alcoholic helles is made with only Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. This clean refreshing near beer is perfect for any occasion. Understood and beloved worldwide – Enough Said.

Enough Said is described by the brewer as a helles lager, which is a German-style beer that is pale in colour and low in bitterness. It comes in at 80 calories per serving, aka the whole can, which features some pretty cool graphic art, comparable to what you might find in a classic tattoo parlour. In addition to the California-cool can art, this beer is made with the same Pilsner malt and Hallertau hops that keep it true to the traditional brewing style that dates back to the late 19th century, despite its lack of alcohol.

Enough Said is a Helles style of lager, a style which tends to have a fuller body than most light lagers, with more pronounced hop flavours.

Upon the first pour, this near beer appears a pale golden colour and slightly hazy/unfiltered in appearance. The German adjective, “Helles,” translates to “pale” or “bright” in English, so it lives up to the description in that way. With the first couple of sips, you get a hit of sweetness and some lemon, but that quickly dissipated and was replaced by a spicy hoppiness that turned bitter. You get pilsner malts up front, along with some herbal and spicy hoppy notes. Some lemon citrus freshness cuts through this somewhat, and balances the drink superbly. As foretold by the murky appearance of the beer, the body is thick and luxurious, with carbonation on the lower end, giving a fantastic, slightly viscous mouthfeel

Good to Know: 

  • Winner of the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival® Largest Beer Competition in the U.S. in 2019 and 2021
  • Low Calorie
  • Rich in Vitamin B12
  • Filled with Electrolytes and Carbohydrates
  • Premium Isotonic Beverage


This great beer from Two Roots is now featured in the 2022 CAMRA CAMRA World’s Greatest Beers This book is the definitive guide to the 250 best beers in the world today, selected by a panel of eight renowned international beer writers and influencers.

This great beer was reviewed by the renowned and accredited Beer Sommelier, Lotte Peplow who says of it “Any beer that’s won two gold medals in three years at the Great American Beer Festival is worthy of attention, in my opinion.

8 beer writers, 250 of the finest accessible beers, 7 continents, and myriad experiences, influences and cathartic moments!


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